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There's No Feeling Quite 
Like Coming Home.

At Pineapple, we never forget that. That's why we value the entire process of finding the right homes, fixing them up, pairing them with happy renters, and then placing them in the care of investors. In fact, we love this process so much - we’ve reinvented it. Inventing our own proprietary data-aggregating technology that creates click-of-a-button precision and consistency over an ever-changing selection of investment homes.

Living Area

Harvesting Data.

We believe that houses aren’t numbers. 
They’re addresses. And data isn’t just 1’s and 0’s. Rather they’re the measurements of doorways, backyards with playgrounds, kitchen tables and family rooms. Where real life happens.

Investing in Real Estate the Right Way.

Giving you an advantage. To earn income with integrity. To build something that benefits everyone. Welcoming smiling faces home. And partnering with us to form a lasting foundation. Investing in 
real estate the right way.


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